Mid-Week Specials, Demo Derby Cancelled.

Posted 28 Jul 2014 in Featured, Front Page

Thank you to everybody who stuck it out with us on Saturday night, and the drivers for getting the track packed in so the fans could see a show. As much as we have had to fight weather this year we’ve had very good luck getting our races in each weekend and that says a lot about our staff, our drivers, and our fans. Thank you!

We also want to thank everybody who has supported our Mid-Week specials. Unfortunately they just didn’t work out as we had planned, and we are cancelling the remainder of our Wednesday Mid-Week specials. We tried a new idea, and it just didn’t work. We don’t want the financial impact to effect what we are trying to accomplish with our regular Saturday night weekly racing.

The Demo Derby scheduled for Friday, August 1st has also been cancelled. We had very little interest in the event from a car standpoint, and it just wasn’t enough to hold the event to put a good enough show on for our fans.

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