General Rules and Procedures



Welcome to historical Peoria Speedway.  On behalf of the owners and staff, we would like to thank you for choosing to race at Peoria Speedway.  We are a U.M.P. DIRTcar Racing series sanctioned track.  We operate every Saturday night, from April through early October.  We will operate per the general rules used by U.M.P. for our weekly racing.  Specials may or may not have slightly different rules based on sanction or type of race.  With that said, some slight changes or modifications are made to those rules, and may or may not be unique to this track.  We race 5 divisions each night: Late Models, Modifieds, Crate Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Hornets.


Brandon Dean—————————————–Owner/Promoter

Brandon Alexander——————————————-Flagman

Shelley Barnes—————————————–Scorer

Jeff Hall —————————————————Scorer/PR & Promotion

Cody Magner——————————————-Track Prep

Jeremy Shake—————————————Track Prep

Rich Carter———————————————Tech Official

Zach Turnfour ——————————————Tech Official

Jim Behrll——————————————-Track Official

Terry Huffman—————————————-Track Official

Scott Schultz———————————————Track Announcer

Brian Sharwarko————————————————-Track Photographer

Zac Forney———————————————Chief Fire crew

Brian Hamilton—————————————-Tow Truck

Sign in/Registration:

  • All drivers will draw for starting or qualifying position at the pit shack once they have purchased their pit passes, and signed in.
  • Drivers MUST declare at this time which class they will race in that night. This mainly pertains to Crate Modified drivers.

Once declared, you will not be allowed to switch classes.  Class must be chosen prior to entering pits.

.   Driver must purchase a transponder a $5.00 rental.

  • Draw will close at 5:15, unless otherwise noted.

If for some reason you plan to race, but cannot make it in time to draw, please call the track phone (309-357-3339) and someone will draw for you.

*If it becomes habit to call for draw and then do not show up, you will lose your ability to do so in the future.  PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS PRIVELAGE.

  • Draw will be conducted using a computer generated random number,       (1-100) via MyRacePass.  When using the computer to draw, the driver (or appointed person by driver) will present their MyRacePass card to be scanned for draw position.  If card is not available, the draw is done when scorekeeper adds said driver to lineup manually on the computer.  It is still random when this occurs, and does not change your chances for a good draw.
  • Drivers will be placed in heats based on the number they have drawn. The lowest number (1 for example) will be the pole sitter for heat one. The next lowest number drawn whether it be a 2 or a 12 or so on, will be pole sitter of heat 2.  The next lowest will now go to second spot in heat 1, or pole of heat 3 and so on, depending on the amount of cars signed in that night for that class.



  • ALL DRIVERS racing at Peoria Speedway are required to have an official U.M.P. license. It must be in possession at the track and presented upon request.

If you are a Crate Mod or Steel Block Late Model driver, and wish to compete in the higher classes at times, you MUST purchase the license for the higher class.  There will be NO grace period for this.

  • If you have sponsors that you would like recognized by our announcer, if you win a race or possibly other times, please make sure to provide that information to the track announcer or scorers at sign in time.
  • Each night, there will be a Drivers meeting that will be held at the tech shack. It is mandatory that all drivers are present for the meeting each night.  The meeting will usually be held approximately at 5:15 p.m.

Line-Ups and Pre-Race:

  • Heat races for regular race nights will be lined up by time trials for all classes but Hornets they will line up by draw.

Depending on how many cars are signed in for that night will depend on the amount of heat races.  There will never be more than 10 cars in a heat race.  Most nights, there will be 2 or 3 heats.

  • Lap amounts for Hornet, Street Stock, Crate Mod, and Steel Block Heat Races will be 8 laps. Modified and Late Models will be 10 laps.
  • If necessary, a semi-feature will be ran for Feature positions not earned in a heat race, when car count is higher than the amount of starting positions available. Late Model and Modified will run 12 laps, all other classes 10 laps.
  • Feature lineups will be set by a redraw invert.

If there are 2 heats ran, the top 3 cars will redraw.

If there are 3 heats ran, the top 2 cars will redraw.

If there are 4 heats ran, the top 2 cars will redraw.

16 cars will advance to the feature if there are 2 or 4 heat races.

15 will advance with 3 heats.

All remaining cars will run through semi-feature if needed.

All Features will start up to 20 cars, unless otherwise noted by promoters.

**There will be no alternates or provisional spots for regular night racing.

–Late Model features will be 30 laps unless the field is less than 10 cars, then it will be 25.  There will be a 35 minute time limit (30 for 25 laps).

–Modified features will be 20 laps. There will be a 25 minute time limit.

–Steel Block Late Model features will be 20 laps with 15 or more cars, 15 laps with 14 cars or less.  *This may be adjusted if we finish on time every night.

–Street Stock, Crate Modified, and Hornets will all be 15 lap features with a 20 minute time limit for each race.

  • Feature redraw will be conducted at the tech shack immediately following the final heat race of your division. Drivers will be notified over raceceiver and directed at track exit to the scales for redraw and weight check.

If you are not present for the redraw, your spot will be drawn by the tech official.  Please be at the tech shack asap after your heat.

  • Heat races will be lined up adjacent to the tech shack, pointing out towards the track. Lineups and running order will be placed at the tech shack and at the concession stand in the pits.  We will not be responsible for making sure you are staged on time.  Please be aware of when your race will be, and be on time to the staging area.
  • Any driver that is not in staging at the time the cars are sent to the track, will be sent to the rear of their race. This means that once the wheels are rolling on the next race out of staging, even if you are pulling up, you are late, and will start at the rear.

If you are having mechanical issues and need extra time we are willing to work with you, but you or a crew member MUST notify an official so that we will “reserve” your spot.  This is a way for us to help you out, not an excuse to be late every week.  If this becomes a weekly issue, it will no longer be allowed for that driver.

  • Once a heat race is sent on to the track, all cars need to stay grouped together double file. The flagman will be giving one to go as you go by the judge’s stand.  This will happen for all heats and semis.   This is a way to save time and avoid curfew issues later on in the night.  DO NOT COME OUT FULL SPEED IF YOU ARE THE LEAD CARS, LET ALL CARS BEHIND YOU ON TO THE TRACK FIRST SO THAT THE FIELD CAN GET STACKED UP AND READY TO START THE NEXT TIME BY.
  • In the event that a backup car is needed after a heat race, it will be allowed to start the feature; however it will be placed at the rear of the field for the start of the race. If a driver switches cars after drawing, or after a heat race, they will also be required to start at the rear of the field for their race.
  • Drivers may run in different classes, but they must meet the following requirements:
  • Drivers MUST purchase a pit pass for each division they intend to race in
  • The same car CANNOT be used in 2 different classes. There must be a different car for each division.
  • If your heat race in one division immediately follows your other heat race from another division, you must have your car at the scales for the next race, to help save time.
  • They must be competitive in the race and not posing a danger of causing a major wreck due to large difference in closing speed between the lead cars and said uncompetitive car.
  • If deemed uncompetitive by an official, the driver will be black flagged.
  • A specified time to complete one lap or 5 laps combined may be used by officials to deem a car competitive or not. For example Crate Mods will need to turn a 15.5 second lap, based on the normal times of a full modified of anywhere between 12.9-15 seconds per lap.  A driver may be asked at the conclusion of an event to “qualify” themselves over a 5 lap run to be considered to allow to run with the upper class.  This is similar to what is done in drag racing, where to keep moving up in speeds, you must qualify via a license to compete.  THIS IS AGAIN STRICTLY FOR YOURS AND OTHER DRIVERS SAFTEY.

On Track Race Procedures:

  • All races will start at or near the yellow mine tire in the middle of turns 3 and 4. The start will not count if the front row of cars is not side by side at that point.  The start will also not count if the lead car starts too early, for example coming off the backstretch into turn 3, as opposed to in the middle.

The inside car (pole sitter) has the right to fire at any point at or near the yellow mine tire, once the green is displayed, the race has started.  If the front row has not gone by the time they are at the tire, the flagman will throw the green at that point.

If it is deemed by the starter or any other official that the start was jumped or started too early by leader, there will be one chance at restarting it as is.

Second offense by the same person will result in that person being moved back one row.

  • All drivers on the track are REQUIRED to have an operating Raceceiver on, whenever on the racetrack.

*Peoria Speedway uses the default channel 454.000

If you are having trouble with your raceceiver, change the battery, blow out the plug for the ear piece.  If still having problems, please notify an official so that the scorers and track officials are aware of it.

Drivers that do not have a raceceiver will get one week to purchase one.  If they do not have it after that, they will not race.  In that case, during that driver’s races that night, he/she will get in line where they were when the yellow comes out.  If we have to move you twice, you will go to the back.

*Drivers and fans should not have to wait for you to try to figure out where you’re supposed to be because you do not have the proper equipment!


  • In the event that there is a caution, all drivers need to get single file, as soon as safely possible. DO NOT TRY TO RUN NEXT TO SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY ARE IN YOUR SPOT.  The scorers will notify you over the raceceiver where you should go.  The quicker you are single file, the quicker the scorers can verify your position and correct it if needed.

Once properly lined up the restarts will be lined up in a “Delaware double file” order. If we have to tell you more than twice where to go and you do not, you will be put to the rear or directed to leave the track. B-Mods will be single filw restarts after the inital green flag.

The leader starts out front by themselves, 2nd place chooses the high or low lane.  All other cars follow from there.  4th inside 5th outside and so on.

This will always be the restart procedure for heat races.  Features will go to single file after 4 cautions, or if deemed necessary due to curfew constraints.  Bad starts or debris do not count against the 4 cautions.

  • Laps are scored at the Start/Finish line, NOT anywhere else on the track. For instance, if you pass someone on the backstretch and the yellow comes out before you have crossed the line, you unfortunately do not keep that spot, because that lap did not count.  In some cases, even if you have crossed the line, it still may be a situation where the lap does not count.  Arguing with officials because you think you should be in a different spot takes up valuable time, that on some nights we don’t have to spare.
  • In the event that there is a caution and one lap has yet to be completed, there will be a complete restart. All cars will get their spots back.

There will ONLY be one free restart, after that the car or cars that were the caution, will go to the back if able to continue.

  • A lap is considered complete once 1 or more cars have crossed the start/finish line. Scoring will be stopped immediately upon a yellow being called for. At that point all cars past the finish line will be counted, and

all remaining cars will be lined by the last completed lap.  This is the same procedure used by Summer Nationals and other touring series.

  • In the event of a RED flag, all cars need to come to a stop as quickly as possible, away from the event that caused it. PLEASE TRY TO LEAVE ROOM FOR EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT OR PERSONELL TO ENTER THE TRACK IF NEEDED.  We will try to direct you over the raceceiver if we need you to move and where.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


  • Any car that is involved in a wreck and stops on the track, bringing out a caution will be sent to the back.


-If you stop or spin to avoid a wreck and do not make contact with the wreck you will be given your spot back.  However, if an official deems that you were part of the initial incident, and no one was at fault (just a racing accident) all cars involved go to the rear.  Most times a driver deliberately taking out someone is easy to spot.  However, no Human Being is perfect and at times mistakes will be made.  We understand that sometimes the wreck was indeed not deliberate, but if in the judgment of the official, you caused the driver to wreck, you will be considered the cause of the caution.

– If you hit another car as retaliation under yellow or after the checker you will be disqualified.

-In rare cases, the flagman has discretion to throw a yellow, and give all cars their spots back as they ran.  This is mainly done for safety concerns, whether it be a fuel leak or something similar, OR for example 4 cars are involved in a wreck, but none of the cars actually stopped on the track, but another car spun to avoid said wreck.   In this case no cars will be penalized per previous rules listed above.  This was just an example, but other similar situations may allow for it.   In the instance of this ruling, drivers will be notified over the raceceiver that it was “flagman discretion”.

  • Any driver that causes 2 cautions during a single race event will be Black Flagged and must exit the track. This does not mean you are Disqualified.                                                                           -If a driver spins out UNASSISTED 2 times, or if a driver has caused a caution due to mechanical failure or rough driving, this will also count as a caution against them.
  • If you are involved in a caution and your car is no longer drivable, you are required to stay inside your car until it is removed from the track. If you get out of your car you are subject to disqualification for that event.  The only exception to this is if your car is on fire, upside down, etc. or an official or track worker directs you to get out.   In this case stay near your car if safe to do so.
  • All races will have a set time limit. Heat races will be 10 minutes per race.  In the event of a red flag, the clock will stop.  Also, if it is deemed that it took too long on our end to remove disabled cars in a timely manner, it will not be counted against said time limit.   In the rare event that a heat race is ended by time limit, it will be considered a yellow/checker and scored on the last completed lap.

Features will have a 20 minute time limit, except for modifieds and Late Models.  Modifieds will be 25 minutes, Late models 35 minutes.


In the rare case that not all races could be started because of curfew, they will likely be made up the following week.

  • In the event an official or the flagman deem a car running to be unsafe due to mechanical conditions, the BLACK flag will be displayed to that driver. That driver will need to exit the track in a safe manner, either to the infield or the pits.

The other reason a BLACK flag may be used, is if a driver has been disqualified during a race for rough driving or other in race offenses.

If you have been black flagged and do not proceed off the race track, you will no longer be scored after 2 laps.  If you have been disqualified, that will not matter and may face other penalties. The race may be red flagged & car will be removed from the track.

  • No driver or crew member is allowed to approach or enter the judges stand during a race. If you do, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • During a feature, if we get to a single file start, the race still is started in the middle of turns 3 and 4. We do not use a passing cone.  Once the race is green, which is indicated by the GREEN flag and green lights, the race has started.  PASSING IS NOT ALLOWED UNTIL IT IS GREEN.  DO NOT PULL OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND GET A JUMP ON CARS.  IF YOU JUMP, YOU WILL BE PENALIZED 2 POSITIONS.
  • Per U.M.P. rules, if 3 consecutive restarts are attempted for one lap, the next start will be Single file, regardless of amount of cautions. The one exception is on the initial start of the race.
  • Once the white flag has been displayed AND the leader crosses the line, the race is official if a caution comes out before the leader takes the checkers. The race will officially end under yellow/checker.  It will be scored base on the last COMPLETED lap.  This is a safety concern that drivers voted on a few years ago.  Drivers chose not to have a 1 lap dash in a race, to prevent unnecessary wrecks.
  • All cars must have numbers that are easy to read. It is very difficult to score cars going by with a duct tape number.  Numbers need to be visible at night also, from a distance so that officials, safety crew, etc. can easily see them.  If your number is too difficult to read, it WILL NOT be scored.  Cars must also have numbers on the roof that are visible to officials, along with a number on your fuel cell so that drivers on track behind you can easily recognize you if they are told to move over the raceceiver.
  • Immediately following each heat race in all divisions (except Hornets), the top 4 will scale. Those cars must meet the weight requirements as listed in division rules, which can be found at

If a car fails to meet the proper weight requirements, or any other rule violations in inspection, they will be disqualified, and may have to run in a semi-feature if necessary. Upon completion of all features, the top 5 cars will be required to go to the scales for post race inspection and weight checks.  Any cars that fail to make required weight, or fail post race inspection, will be disqualified and forfeit their points and pay for that evening.  Hornets do not scale, however they will still be required to go to post race inspection.

  • In order to receive start pay for your division, you must successfully complete one lap under green.
  • Payout will be conducted at the beer tent table. It will close appx. 40 minutes following the final feature completed.  If you do not get your pay by that time, it will be available at the sign in shack the following week.  We will not pay out in the office any longer.


  • If there is sheet metal loose, rubbing, etc under a yellow and the driver requests it or the pit crew signals the driver, they may STOP at the pit gate to have 1 crew member try to bend or remove it. NO MORE than one crew member allowed.  If you pull into the hot-pit, you will be placed at the rear for the restart.  Communication between the crew member and driver is prohibited.  Track officials will not send every car they see to the gate due to time constraints.  If it is too difficult to take care of at pit gate, you will be instructed to pull into the hot-pit area, and will tag the rear upon repair.


  • The “Hot-pit” area for changing tires, or other repairs is outside of turn 2 at the pit entrance. Please pull far enough in for tow vehicles to get on/off the track.  IF YOU GO TO YOUR PITS OR OUTSIDE THE DESIGNATED HOT PIT YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED RETIRED FROM THAT RACE AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK ON TRACK.                                                                                     
  • Tire Changes, etc. are only allowed during semi-features and features.  If you pull off during a heat race you are out of that race.  Drivers will be given 2 courtesy laps (time providing) to make repairs.  These laps begin once the field has been relined in the correct order.


  • Fighting is prohibited on the grounds of Peoria Speedway. Anyone caught fighting will be subject to fines, and or suspensions from Peoria Speedway and possibly U.M.P. DIRTcar Racing.   (Rule 11.1 in the U.M.P. General rules)
  • Drivers and crew are to conduct themselves in a professional manner while at the track. There are children present that look up to you the drivers, and are hero’s to them.  These kids are the future of our struggling sport and if their parents aren’t comfortable bringing them to the track, they won’t be here to take part in it when they are older.
  • Harassment, yelling, physical contact, and/or threats to officials or staff will not be tolerated. We will always be willing to listen to your concerns, but only if conducted in a calm, adult conversation.  If you come to an official screaming and yelling, they have been instructed to move on.  They don’t get paid to deal with that, and are here for the same reason as you; They love this sport too.
  • The track official that stands at the track entrance needs to be left alone to do his/her job. Cars are coming on and off the track, along with flying dirt, and possibly out of control cars.  They need to keep their full attention on their job at hand.  If you have a concern please relay it to a tech official WHEN they are available, and they will relay it to the other officials.
  • Drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crew members, and may be subject to disqualification upon failure to comply with rules or officials.
  • Our track Photographer will gladly take photos for you after heat wins. They will be conducted in front of the judge’s stand, in the same direction you race.  You no longer need to turn around for your picture.                       For feature wins, most of the time the pictures will be taken in front of the judges stand as well, however, if time is an issue we will do them in the infield as to allow the next race to enter onto the track safely.  In this case, no fans from stands will be allowed onto track.  If pictures are needed with other people and your car, the photographer would be happy to do so after all features are complete.
  • From time to time we would like to have some driver interaction with the fans.  This usually is done during intermission.  Our announcer may ask to interview you so that the fans can get to know you better.  We will also have some autograph sessions before the races or during intermission at points throughout the season.  There are a few $5 admission “Fan Appreciation” nights this season.  These nights we tend to get fans that do not normally attend the races.  We would really like to involve them in some manner in hopes to gain them as new fans to the great sport of Dirt Track Racing!  Any ideas to help with this are greatly appreciated and can be relayed to our track photographer/media manager Jeff Hall.
  • Social media is a good and bad tool for any business or sport. While this is considered a hobby and a sport, it is also a business.  Please refrain from negative comments on social media.  They do no good for our struggling sport.  If you have issues, all of the officials are willing to listen, at the right time.  Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. should be used to help promote the sport and the track and drivers, not to bash it or them.  Let’s make racing great again!

Once again, thanks for choosing to race at Peoria Speedway.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and hope to see you again next week!