LATE MODELS (Saturday Night)

2019 Peoria Speedway Late Model Rules

Please see UMP Dirtcar Super Late Model Rules with the following exceptions:




  1. 604 GM or 602 GM Crate Engine  (2250 LBS)
  2. IMCA Spec engine (2300lbs)

10 “ Maximum motor setback (29 ½” ball joint to motor plate)

604/602 Crate must pass GM Spec Rules

3.Aluminum or Steel headed/steel block engines up to 370 CID (2300 LBS)

10 “ Maximum motor setback (29 ½” ball joint to motor plate)

Acceptable valve angels 23 deg. Chevy  Ford 18/20 Mopar 15/18

No raised runner heads. No spread port exhaust ports. Standard exhaust ports and bolt pattern only.

Any head or engine the track feels to be unfair to competition shall be moved to the open class.

All Engine Combinations over 370 CID Aluminum or Steel Block (Open) (2350 LBS)

6” maximum motor setback (25 ½” ball joint to motor plate)

ALL RESTRICTOR PLATES will be provided by the speedway and shall be removed and returned in the tech area upon finishing the consi or feature. If you are racing weekly at the Peoria Speedway you have the option to rent the plate for the season and can keep it on the car.  With this, we will be pulling carbs on random nights and checking diameter of the plates to enforce they are 1 inch.

Regardless of engine package being used, all cars competing in Peoria Speedway late model         class will use Peoria Speedway’s Late Model tire rule.

           All cars must clearly display weight and motor on drivers side A-pillar (Ex: 604 Crate 2300 LBS)

Right Front, Left Front & Left Rear Tires: Hoosier L/M 20s or 40s on three corners – (Grooving & Siping Allowed)
Hoosier L/M 40 ONLY on RR – (Grooving & Siping Allowed)

This is an attempt by Peoria Speedway to reduce the high costs of competition in the Late Model Class and hopefully provide our fans with the opportunity to see a full field of Late Models compete on a weekly basis.




MODIFIEDS (Saturday Night)

Please see UMP Modified rules below:


STREET STOCKS (Saturday Night)

Please refer to the the DirtCar UMP Street Stock Rules below:


B MODIFIEDS (Saturday Night)

Please refer to the the DirtCar UMP Modified Rules below:


With the Following Exceptions:

See 2019 UMP Modified Rules with the exceptions of the Following Rules:

  1. Minimum weight 2450 pounds
  2. 602 Sealed GM Crate Motor, or 360 cubic inch or less steel headed engine with a 2 barrel carb and the choke horn still in place.

***Note the open engine package is open to same claim rules as 602 Engine***

  1. $4,000 engine claim rule or $500 Plus Exchange. ($50 Tow Truck Fee applies)
  2. Steel Body Shocks ONLY. No adjustables, No Schrader valves, No remote canisters, and NO bump stops.
  3. $120 shock claim rule or $60 exchange.
  4. Peoria Speedway reserves the right to claim any engine or shocks as necessary.

This is Peoria Speedway’s attempt to lower the cost of competition in the B Modified class.


Track Reserves the right to claim engines or shocks as deemed necessary.


UMP HORNETS (Saturday Night)

Please refer to the the DirtCar UMP Hornet Rules below:

1f5662019_DIRTcar_Sport_Compact Final


2 MAN CRUISER (Wednesday Night)

Peoria Speedway 2 Man Cruiser Rules

Two man cruisers are meant to be a fun low budget class. These are cars we race not race cars! The car is configured for operation by two people. The driver controls the steering and braking of the vehicle, while the passenger controls the accelerator, which is located on the right side.

  1. These stock cars should be able to drive down the road at the end of the night-less the lighting. (street legal)
  2. Car must be stock. OEM parts only.
  3. Remove all exterior trim, moldings, and lighting.
  4. Remove all glass, including all glass in car door panels.
  5. Remove all flammable material, except dash.
  6. All doors must be welded shut.
  7. Gas tank must be in stock position ahead of rear axle.
  8. Stock wheels and tires per year, make and models of vehicle.
  9. Four or Six cylinder engines only. No turbo. No super charged.
  10. No all-wheel drive. No locked or posi differentials.
  11. The gas pedal must be in the riding mechanic side only. Must be out of reach of the driver.
  12. Five point racing harness and racing seat mandatory for both occupants.
  13. Air bags must be deactivated.
  14. You must have a riding mechanic or co-pilot.
  15. Approved fire suit required.
  16. Six point roll cage required, 4 points above occupants, 2 rear down-bars, minimum 3 door bars on each side.
  17. Fire extinguisher mandatory.
  18. Flagrant rough driving will be Black flagged for that race.
  20. A minimum of 3 windshield bars in front of each occupant.
  21. Car numbers must be clearly marked on both sides, roof. Car numbers should be 18″ height and easy to read.
  22. Anything not listed in the rules will be decided by officials.
  23. Track officials decisions are final. Amendments may be made if necessary to promote fair competition.
  24. After second win, car is eligible for a $1,400 claim.

25. Refusal of claim will result in loss of all winnings, points, and possible suspension

ECONO HORNETS (Wednesday Night)

2019 Peoria Speedway Econo Hornets

All entries must be stock four cylinder cars or trucks. The only modifications allowed in this division are to enhance driver safety. All other modifications to cars and trucks are forbidden. All components must be stock and located in their stock location. Any altering, moving, adjusting, or modifying on cars or trucks is forbidden.

The technical rules contained here have been assembled with great concern toward maximizing competition and minimizing costs.


This is an entry level division to introduce newcomers to the sport at a moderate expense level. Those reaching a particular ability level will not be welcome in this division. This division is a novice division, and intended ONLY for those at that ability level. This is meant to be a FUN, low budget class.



  • All cars must have 6 point roll cage with three door bars on the left side and two door bars on the right side.
  • All bars must be welded 360 degrees and gusseted. Roll cage must be securely fastened to the floor via plating and gussets, or by constructing a box frame welded to the floor to serve as a foundation for the roll cage.
  • All tubing must be a minimum of 1 1/2″ X .095″.



  • Windshield must be removed and replaced with a min. 3 window bar in front of driver.
  • All glass and plastic must be removed.
  • All doors must be welded shut. Front hood pins required.
  • Numbering must be legible, highly visible and contrasting to car. Numbers must be 18″ high. Any letters must be 9″ high. Numbers must be easy to read.
  • Body must remain stock. No body altering or non-factory spoilers.
  • Must have front and rear tow hook capable of supporting the weight of the car.



  • All interiors must be removed except for the dash which is optional.
  • Bars within drivers reach must be padded.
  • No metal panels may be removed.
  • All holes in firewall must be covered with metal.
  • No boxing of interior
  • No rearview mirrors allowed.



  • Four cylinder, non-turbo engine.
  • Engine size and model must have been available as original factory option for that car. No swapping of engine makes. I.E. Acura to Honda, etc.
  • Must use stock exhaust manifold.
  • Batteries can be relocated to the rear of the car (but in front of the rear axle), but must be enclosed and sealed in a steel battery box. The battery box must be securely mounted to the floor.
  • Engine and all components must remain stock.



  • Auto or manual
  • No locked or posi differentials.
  • No All-wheel drive.



  • No altering of any suspension components.

B All parts must remain stock, and in factory location.



  • All four wheels must have properly operating breaks.
  • No three wheel setups or modifications.



  • Factory size for the year, make and model being run.
  • Stock wheels only.
  • Tires must be DOT approved.
  • No winter or rough tread tires.
  • No grooving or altering of tires.
  • All four tires must be the same size.



  • Must have an aluminum racing seat.
  • Must have a five point quick release racing harness. Harness must be snell approved and no older than three years. Harness must be securely attached.
  • Approved firesuit mandatory.
  • Full face helmet with lexan shield snell approved.
  • Window net mandatory. F.Fire extinguisher, within reach of the driver and safely mounted is mandatory.
  • Any car may be refused the opportunity to race if safety equipment is deemed unsafe.



After second win, car is eligible for a $1,000 claim.

Refusal of claim will result in loss of all winnings, points, and possible suspension.


See 2019 UMP Stock Car Rules with the exceptions of the Following Rules:



  1. Set back, laid back and offset cages will be allowed
  2. 602 GM Crate Motor is the only engine allowed with a 650-4 barrel or 500-2 barrel carb
  3. Any 8” UMP Modified approved tire: E-Mod, A’s, D’s, H’s, M30-M60, or G60 type tire allowed
  4. Enclosed interior allowed


This is Peoria Speedway’s attempt to lower the cost of competition in the Street Stock class and give an opportunity to racers with older cars, that may not fit into today’s rules packages, to compete at a lower cost and hopefully re-grow a struggling class.

UMP PRO LATE MODELS (Wednesday Night)

Please refer to the the DirtCar UMP Pro Late Model Rules below: